Heat treatment production line put into production


 April 2, 2012, our factory Mabe salt dissolved hardening the GC13350 heat treatment production line to debug asuccessful trial run production was from May 2011 to buy my factory general manager Zhang Tianpeng Technology Minister Cheng Yan, check the section chief Wang Yue, production director of Xia heat Minister Chen Xiuyan sitequenching of bearing rings microstructure, hardness, etc. testing in line with international standards, and announced that the heat treatment production line put into production.

The inputs of the production line is mainly used for bearing parts (of GCr15, GCr18Mo) bainite hardening and martensitic quenching production line for the protection of nitrogen-based atmosphere heating the whole rollers drive, the computer automatically control the quenching medium for nitrate, that is, the bainite hardening. Across the boardfrom the feed is heated to quenching, cleaning and drying, the end of the clumsy, backward box-type furnace era,and are environmentally friendly production line.

The project conforms to the bearing industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" development plan "requirements, is one of thekey technology R & D project planning arrangements. Implementation of the project of great significance to the international level in the metallurgical equipment, enhanced bearing enterprise key host of major equipmentsupporting the ability to import substitution, to improve my company.

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