HYJG Bearings boost energy saving and consumption-


HYJG Bearings boost energy saving and consumption-reducing strategy
The energy-saving type full complement cylindrical roller bearing produced by Dalian Huayang Jinggong Bearing Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can achieve an average of 10% energy saving effect through improved desigh and optimized inner structure.This kind of bearings will bring the following benefits for you:
Less energy consumption
The energy-efficient bearing actually can reduce 10% energy consumption than ordinary bearings. Operating temperature of the equipment is 20% lower and the service life of gear box and lubricants will be extended.
Less noise
Energy-efficient design can effectively reduce the vibration, so that the gear position is more stable, thereby reducing noise. The relative movement of gear box equipped with energy- efficient bearing is 20% less than ordinary bearings.
More reliability
More reliability depends on lower operating temperatures and less bearing wears. Energy-efficient bearing is good at torque control. This means that bearing installation can be more accurate, and will optimize the performance of the device.

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