About us

Located in the Wafangdian, the bearing capital city of China, Dalian Huayang Jinggong Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was established in 2004. It is a modernized high-tech enterprise, incorporating technical research, manufacturing and service. It has become a large-scale bearing company with the yearly production of hundreds of millions of RMB after all these years of unremitting efforts, with the registered trademark being HYJG.

During which we learn after 10 years unremitting effort, incorporating all the good qualities of the famous brands and we developed our HYJG brand four row cylindrical roller bearings specialized for rolling mills, the high-speed, low-noise, low-vibration single row cylindrical roller bearings specialized for motor, the long-life, high-speed tapered rollers and plain bearings for Metallurgical industry. The size ranges from the inner diameter being 120mm to the outside diameter being 1600mm, the accuracy class reaching P4, the vibration value is over Z2, the noise level is over V2.

Testing Center

The company has set up the QC center, introduced high precision measuring equipments like two pcs German contour instrument and surface roughness measuring instrument, French Carbon fiber measuring ruler, magnaflux, ultrasonic flaw-detecting machine, metallographic microscope and one-meter length measuring machine to identify each batch products, and establish records of product information so that it is easy to read the supplier of the raw materials, and the related main technical index and the actual observation records during the process of production of each product.

The company introduced 33 leading CNC machines and 7 raceways super finishing machines, among which five of them are 4 axis linkage,the dimension discreteness can be controlled under 0.005m, the accuracy class can reach P4 so that it is able to produce logarithmic curve of raceways and convexity in ribs. In our CNC machines, we specially applied grinding control system to prevent burning. Bearing life can increase double because we can reduce deteriorated layer and increased Ra to 0.04um.,reducing friction by super finishing.

Production workshop

Dalian Huayang Jinggong Bearing Manufacturing Co.,ltd has its own Nitrogen protection bath bainite heat treatment production line since 2008.Nitrogen protection is to eliminate the decarburized layer .Special heat treatment make bearing structure more stable and can achieve HRC plus or min 1 degree.

Our team

High quality products come from excellent teams. HYJG has always attached great importance to team building. Through numerical control operation training, bearing basic knowledge training and management training, the employees fully realized that all is well and all is bad, that is to say, each member has a share of reward, and each member has a share of punishment, which realizes team self-management and employee self-discipline.

Enterprise concept

In recent years, HYJG has repaired and reconstructed thousands of varieties of introduced bearings from SKF, FAG, TIMKEN and NSK, the life of which has been recovered to 70 percent of their original life. In the meantime, it also develops matching products for state-owned enterprises like Anshan Iron and Steel, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, South China Metallurgical, Dalian Huarui Group. Internationally, we also develop products for the Fortune 500,with our products exported to France, Germany, America, Italy, and England, more than a dozen countries and regions

Qualification certificate

The company set up perfect QC system, which passed the ISO 9001:2008 international quality certification.

Development history

After more than ten years of efforts, HYJG has become one of the largest bearing enterprises with an annual production capacity of a billion Yuan!

  • 2017.05

    Our tapered roller bearing of P4 grade with diameter runout of 0.002mm has been successfully delivered offline.

  • 2015.10

    Imported equivalent bearings has been put into mass production and delivery.

  • 2015.05

    Personalized process manufacturing technology : backing, cement vertical mill, high-speed wire mill, aluminum foil mill, copper foil mill, leveler, calendar and vertical roll mill.

  • 2014.07

    It is authorized by China SKF to repair cylindrical roller bearing, taper roller bearing and double row spherical roller bearings.

  • 2013.06

    HYJG Introduced roughness and profile detection equipment from Germany.

  • 2013.05

    The production line of bainite quenching in thermal protective atmosphere was started.

  • 2012.05

    Completion of high speed precision bearing transformation project.

  • 2011.11

    The company moved to Wawo Industrial Park.

  • 2009.06

    Passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.

  • 2005.07

    Started to cooperate with French national oil company to produce double row spherical roller bearing.

  • 2005.04

    Started to cooperate with German AWT, Li-BE to produce cylindrical roller bearing, taper roller bearing and spherical roller bearings.

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