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Spherical plain bearing

HyjgBearing's spherical plain bearings or bushings are steel-to-steel bearings consisting of a spherically ground inner ring housed in a matching outer ring without any rolling elements. While all plain bearings are precision ground and made from integrally hardened steel, custom orders are available, including special materials, clearances, surface finishes or configurations to suit unique applications.

Design attributes

Rings made from hardened steel help to provide consistent, reliable performance.
Phosphate-treated rings coated with molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) to minimise friction on contact surfaces
Simplified housing and shaft design reduces installation time.


A-frames, tipping cylinders, front and rear struts and steering cylinders for mining trucks
Equaliser track bars, lifting and tilting cylinders, push shovels, trunnion balls and loosening shovels for bulldozers
Articulated upper and lower steering cylinders and boom and bucket cylinders for wheel loaders
Bucket bar and bucket cylinders for hydraulic excavators
Other applications for space shuttles, heavy movable structures and miscellaneous vehicles

Spherical Plain Bearing

Spherical plain bearings (also known as "spherical plain bearings", "spherical ball bearings" and "ball bushings") have an inner ring with a convex outer ring and a correspondingly spherical but They are designed in such a way that they are particularly suitable for use in the production of bearings with a convex outer ring. Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where the alignment movement between shaft and housing must be adapted, or where oscillating or repeated tilting movements at relatively slow sliding speeds must be permitted.

    • Spherical Plain Bearing

      Centripetal plain bearings need to be maintained

      One of the characteristics of the HYJG steel-to-steel plain radial bearing is that its outer ring is broken at a certain point, with such notch, the bearing can easily flick the outer ring and embed the inner ring. This characteristic makes the bearing be inseparable and convenient to use. In the meantime, all inner/outer rings of the bearing are equipped with grooves and holes for lubricating oil/grease. In what follows, the superficial parkerizing and continuous lubricating to the contacted surface render the bearing to have good resistance to wear and flexible running capacity.

      Size range:

      1. The GE...ES and GEG...ES series are bearings with single-slotting but no clamping ring, including GE20ES-GE300ES, and GEG20ES-GEG260ES.

      2. The GEC...XS series are bearings with double-slotting and clamping ring, including GEC320XS-GEC670XS.

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    • Spherical Plain Bearing

      Spherical sliding thrust joint bearing

      The spherical plain thrust bearing has a convex sphere on the bearing washer and a concave sphere on the bearing race correspondingly. Though being applicable to axial load, such bearing is also able to withhold joint load from both axial and radial directions. However, the radial load for joint load shall be less than 50% of the axial load. If the radial load is larger, it is recommended to collectively used the thrust bearing together with the radial bearing of GE series. With separable design, the bearing washer and bearing race 

      Special design

      When being operated under special conditions, the spherical thrust roller bearing may be used and which requires be made by steel/steel or steel/PTFE (maintenance-free) compound materials and integrated with sliding contact surface. This kind of bearing can be supplied as needed.

      If it is required to operate the bearing without lubricating, the bearing integrating with maintenance-free steel/PTFE compound sliding contact surface shall be adopted (Figure 2). Such combination can withhold heavy load, especially directed heavy load.

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    • Spherical Plain Bearing

      Maintenance free radial plain bearing

      This kind of self-lubricating plain radial bearing (maintenance-free) is covered with specific PTFE sliding layer. Its outer ring sphere is bonded with special self-lubricating materials which will not only form a slide for the outer ring, but will deliver load and offer self-lubricating function. If only be added with lubricating oil, such bearing may endure forever. Thereof, the GE...XT, GEC...XT, and GEH...XT series may be divided into the bearings with small clamping rings and the bearings with large clamping rings. It is worth noting that some bearings are locked by the clamping rings. The outer rings of the GE...DW, GEP...FS and GEH...HCS series adopt 42GrcMo radial subdivision, using bolt for fixing and pin for locking at one side.

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    • Spherical Plain Bearing

      Special joint bearing for turntable of large package
      Special joint bearing for turntable of large package

      The special operation condition requires the articulated bearing dedicated to bale rotary table to be applied together with steel/steel or steel/PTFE (maintenance-free) compound materials. The spherical plain bearing integrating with sliding contact surface may be supplied as needed. Generally, the steel/steel bearing is suitable for the scenario with high operation temperature or high loading frequency or heavy load or impact load. Such bearing must be equipped with sufficient lubricant. And the sliding surface of its outer ring may be furnished with grooves of different shapes.

      If it is required to operate the bearing without lubricating, the bearing integrating with maintenance-free steel/PTFE compound sliding contact surface shall be adopted. Such combination can withhold heavy load, especially directed heavy load.

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